L O V E  S T O R Y

 P H O T O G R A P H Y

Love Story photography session for two lovers is an artistic photography, the purpose of which is to create a series of subject photos. The focus is on two people, their relationship with each other, the story of love and life together. The distinctive features of the pre-wedding photo shoot are an individual approach, the originality and uniqueness of each picture. Professional photography is planned in such a way that the bride and groom look free, at ease, relaxed and necessarily romantic. For this, the couple in love is placed in conditions that seem familiar and familiar to them.

The newlyweds themselves can give interesting ideas to the photographer. They can choose the park where they met, the cottage they dream of, the skating rink where they like to spend time as a shooting location. You can order photo sessions on the streets of the city, in the natural area, in beautiful buildings with luxurious interiors. Friends and relatives of the young couple will help to create an individual scenario. They will suggest interesting ideas about the shooting location, outfits, accessories, preferences of the bride and groom.