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The price for product photography is determined by various factors, such as the complexity and technical features, the quantity of articles, their resemblance or variety, and other nuances of work. So the price is calculated individually.
Catalog Shooting: $100 per image 
for website / marketplace 
Hero Image with white background
(including retouching and fully equipped studio)
This is the primary image that appears in an Amazon listing's search results.
Lifestyle photography: $200 per image 
for website / social networks /
(including retouching / styling / props)
A product may be shown in use or in its intended environment to help the customer understand its benefits, visualize size, shape and intended usage. It could also be something more conceptual and creative. 
Product photography with prop styling: $250 per image 
for website / social networks / marketplace 
(including retouching / styling / props and fully equipped studio)
Short promotional video (1 minute) from $500

When describing your request, please be as specific as possible.

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